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We Are Not Only A Team

If you are interested in joining our car club, then we meet every Friday at 7:00 pm in the Publix parking lot in Crestview, Florida.

You must attend two meetings before getting an entry form. You then give us the information we need on the entry form and return it to our Vice President. Two weeks later the club as a whole will vote. Majority rules!

We have club dues of $5.00 a month

We have a no alcohol tolerance rule which means we do not allow people to drink and drive. If you feel the need to drink then stay where you are drinking at.

We believe you should try your best at every car show that you are in.

Respect the other members.

If you have a complaint or ideal please share it. We are a team and you should not be afraid to share your thoughts.

Need to attend the meetings or call to say shy you will not be there.

Pay club dues on time.

We have probation votes once every six months. If other members do not beleive you are holding up to club standards then at probation time they can vote.

But We Are Like A Family As Well